The C clustering library and Pycluster were developed by Michiel de Hoon while at the Laboratory of DNA Information Analysis, Human Genome Center, Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo, together with Sunyong Kim, Seiya Imoto, and Satoru Miyano. The Perl module Algorithm::Cluster was written by John Nolan of the University of California, Santa Cruz. The GUI-program Cluster 3.0 is based on the original Cluster/TreeView program written by Michael Eisen of Berkeley Lab. These web pages were designed by Makiko Sasaki. However, all errors in it are mine.

To refer to this software package, you can cite the following paper:
M. J. L. de Hoon, S. Imoto, J. Nolan, and S. Miyano: Open Source Clustering Software. Bioinformatics, 20 (9): 1453--1454 (2004).